Ministry At WFT

Being in Ministry at Wiccan Family Temple

A. The Wiccan Family Temple shall hold worship on Sabbats, Esbats, and other occasions that they deem appropriate.

B. The WFT Academy of Pagan Studies is a subsidiary of the Wiccan Family Temple and it shall provide group education for members and others in the ways of the Goddesses and the Gods.

C. The Wiccan Family Temple shall maintain a website of educational and resource material.

D. The Wiccan Family Temple shall perform acts of charity using money, materials and service.

E. The Wiccan Family Temple shall ordain its Officers, High Priest and High Priestesses to the Holy Order of Clergy for the purposes of performing legal ceremonies and ministering to the pagan community.

F. The NYC Wiccan Family Temple shall ordain selected members of the Pagan Community as Elders in Communion (Clergy) for the purposes of performing legal ceremonies and ministering to the outside community.

G. An Elder in Communion is a member of the congregation whom the Council has determined to


To Be Ordained by The New York City Wiccan Family Temple as a NYS Licensed Reverend. Once you have been recognized as a Candidate for ordination within the Wiccan Family Temple.

  • You must request an application for consideration.
  • Filling out a Request for Ordination Application from the Board of Council Scribe.
  • Must have completed all requirements of a 3rd Degree – 3 years and 3 days minimum of studies.
  • Has served for a period of  1 year as an Apprentice at the Temple
  • Has had HPs/HP Dedication Rite.
  • Adheres to our code of Ethics, please read and comply accordingly.
  • State Fee is $15.00 for your ordination, but are subject to change so please check the City Clerks Office for the most recent cost.
  • WFT fee for ordination is $75.00 for our students.
  • Followed by an interview with the Board of Council.
  • Must be a member in Good Standing (all annual fees, class fees, dedication or moving up fees are paid in full).
  • Board of Tribunal (consisting of the Elders & 1 Senior Priestess/Priest) retains the right to find the Candidate not befitting a Reverend status under The New York City Wiccan Family Temple.
  • Must have served on the Board of Council.
  • Your ordination license with the Wiccan Family Temple must be renewed annually at the cost of $50.00 per year.

be linked to them by affection, association, and loyalty and share in the essential elements of their spiritual values.

To maintain your status as a New York State Licensed Ordained Reverend under the New York City Wiccan Family Temple your licenses must be renewed yearly at or before the origination date of when you were first licensed, to continue in good standing with the Temple.

  1. To do so you must provide:
  • You must fill out a Ordination Renewal Application on our website, under Maintaining Clergy Status.
  • You will need a 2 pieces of ID – 1 must be a NYS picture ID.
  • You will be provided with a copy of your Ordination Renewal Certificate.
  • And a $50.00 fee: via PayPal, Cash, certified check or money order – made out to NYC Wiccan Family Temple.

Change of Address Registration

  • Once you have Ordained and registered with our office as a Licensed State Reverend, you are required by law to provide us with any change of address before performing your next ceremony.
  • To notify us of your change of address, mail it to our office at: NYC Wiccan Family Temple P.O. Box 893, New York, NY 10009  or email us at
  • You also have to do the same at the NYC County Clerk’s Office please check there for further or similar instructions.
  • If you have moved to another State and wish to maintain your NYS license you just have to do your change of address with the Wiccan Family Temple only.
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Teaching
  • Ritual
  • Dedications
  • Ordinations
  • Rites of passage
  • Legal Hand-Fastings
  • Hospital Visitations and Healings
  • Prison Ministry
  • Advocacy for Religious Freedoms
  • Community contacts
  • Community outreach
  • Requiems


Authenticity: Inquire from a genuine desire to know and understand. Listen fully, with the intent to truly hear. Speak your truth, from the heart, without attempting to make someone wrong.

Respect: Speak one at a time; do not interrupt. Avoid probing, giving advice, or attempting to change someone else’s point of view.

Thoughtfulness: Speak only when moved to speak. Take time to reflect before speaking. Honor silence.

Inclusion: Speak through the center for all to hear. Allow time and space for every voice.

Openness: Seek meaning, not closure. Suspend assumptions. Words written By Kathleen Killoran.

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