Founder – President – Rev. Starr RavenHawk High Priestess Elder

Founder – Vice President – Rev. Luna Rojas High Priestess Elder

Scribe/Secretary – Rev. Hectuba Hestia Senior High Priestess

Wayfarer – (trip organizer) – TBA

Treasurer – Sincere Divinity

Education Coordinator Quail Mother- Belladonna Isadora

The Technological Coordinator: Rev. Starr RavenHawk HPs Elder

The Summoner- Rising Storm

The Guide – (Youth Advisor): Belladonna Isadora

Temple Congregation Coordinator – Sincere Divinity

The Merchant Craft Coordinator: TBA

Teachers: Term limits should not be needed; all WFTAPS 3rd Degree students and above are expected to serve a position appointed to them based on preference and availability.

Education Coordinator Quail Father: TBA

Special Event Coordinator: TBA

The Guardian /Watcher – GateKeeper – Rising Storm & Rev. Hectuba Hestia Sr. HPs

The Seannachie – Bard – (or Minstrel – lore-keeper and musician)- TBA

The Archivist – (the Librarian): TBA

The Thorigan: TBA

The Herald – TBA

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