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Supporting The Temple

  • WFT Academy Of Pagan Studies  This is The Academy Of Pagan Studies where we teach classes 1st Degree and up to Reverends in Ministry.
  • The NYC Pagan Council
  • Charmed By Starr  This is where you find over 6,000 items of Wiccan, Witches, Pagan, Druid, New Age supplies, and many more added daily.  This website also has supported the NYC Wiccan Family  Temple throughout the years.
  • Romantic HandFastings  This is where all of our services that we provide for handfastings of all types are listed in greater detail.
  • WitchsFest USA home of where all information is housed regarding our annual fund raising Pagan Street Faire.

WFT Member Links

  • WFT of San Francisco WFT of San Francisco (Ran by Rev. K. Peaceweaver HPs )
  • WFT of Colorado COMING SOON (Ran by Rev. Michelle Gonzalez HPs)
  • WFT of Tennessee COMING SOON (Ran by Bronwyn La Fae HPs)

Special Projects

Other Pagan and Wiccan Organizations

Interfaith Organizations

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