Membership at WFT

Membership At the Temple

Members are those who have qualified for membership by whose names are in the Membership Book and who have paid the annual dues and who remain linked by affection, association, and loyalty to the Wiccan Family Temple,

Membership Dues: Tithes

1). A yearly membership fee to be paid annually:

  • For each adult annually $38.00
  • Families – 2 adults & up to 2 kids under 18 years old, (for more kids please speak to Temple Elders) $55.00

2). Membership includes: A membership card.

3) Monthly tithes: The tithe shall be paid by each member.

4) This is a commitment to the Temple, WFT Academy of Pagan Studies and most of all, to yourself, you must uphold and adhere to it.

5) All celebrants are expected to pay a monthly tithe at all Sabbats and Esbats (if you can give more please do so, if not do the best you can, every little bit helps towards the cost), as set by the Board of Council, and approved by the Foundering Elders. However, no person shall be prevented from attending ritual solely on the grounds that he or she has not paid his or her tithe or some of it must be paid to assist with our costs. The Elders cannot, should not and do not wish to fund the cost of space rental from their pockets anymore.

6) Monthly Tithes shall be used by the Wiccan Family Temple to fund the rent of ritual space, the purchase of ritual supplies, and to sometimes cover cost of members who cannot afford to fully pay there portion. The Board of Council Money Witch will insure that an adequate record of monies received on behalf of the Wiccan Family Temple is kept.

NOTE: Amounts may vary as the Monthly Tithes are used to cover Wiccan Family Temple costs at said times.

Privacy of Members

  1. The Board of Council membership records are its’ own private property. Information therein may not be sold, borrowed or disclosed to other organizations and individuals, nor published or distributed to Board of Council members, without the expressed consent of each member involved. This includes the names, addresses, phone numbers, and other information relating to individual members shall be considered confidential and may not be disclosed without the permission of the individual(s) involved.
  2. The Board of Council, as an implicit function of their office, may use the membership records for purposes benefiting the Temple. Any and all copies in the possession of these officers must be returned to the Corporation upon resignation or the end of the term of office and must not retain a copy of any documents as required by law.
  3. Any member in good standing who wishes to absolutely withdraw from membership in the Temple may request that the member’s own data not the names, be stricken from the membership records. This does not apply to individuals who are prohibited or banned from participating in activities by the Board of Council.
  4. The Board of Council being the Trustees may publish a directory, for use by Temple members, containing only information that each individual members has explicitly authorized for release in such a directory. E.g. craft names, title and emails.
  5. Officials of federal, state and local government agencies may examine the membership records as part of their normal duties for enforcement of federal and state laws. If at any time, any portion of these bylaws are deemed to be in conflict with any applicable Federal and State laws, that section will no longer be valid.

Membership Criteria, Tithes and Fees

Individuals who were accepted as members prior to the enactment of this section of the bylaws will remain members, until they have been informed via email and followed up by a phone call about our new policies regarding membership. They will then inform us by the next Witches New Year Nov. 1 of this year of what they wish to do regarding their membership in the Wiccan Family Temple.

Individuals must meet the following criteria before acceptance into membership.

  1. For anyone under 18 years old must provide a written parental consent form (please ask for the consent form) then at least one meeting with your parent.
  2. File an application with the Board of Council Scribe, endorsed by two members of the Board of Council.
  3. Endorse the words in Article 12 – Principle of Beliefs and Article 14- Oath of Secrecy in the ByLaws.
  4. Pay the proper annual membership fee.
  5. If an application is rejected at a, the applicant’s membership fee must be refunded in full. The membership fee must also be refunded in full if the applicant asks to withdraw the application at any point before it has been approved.
  6. In order to remain a full member, each member must pay the current membership fee each year. Failure to pay the fee for the current period after November 31 of that year will place your membership on hold temporarily. At which time the member may request to resume membership or to no longer be a member. If they paid and has made a request to have their membership placed on hold only (if their membership has been paid in full), until you wish to resumes full membership. Members who remain on hold for a period of more than six months cease to be members, and must start the application process over again from the beginning to become a member again.
  7. A member may be removed by a two thirds majority vote at a Board of Council meeting or by a two thirds majority vote of the trustees. Should a member who has been removed reapply for membership, the fact that they were previously removed must be announced at the meeting when they are seeking reacceptance.

Membership status: Any person’s membership or participation may be curtailed, suspended, or terminated by decision of a consensus of the membership either for lack of attendance and or participation or violation of the rules contained in Wiccan Family Temple ByLaws.


Our gifts to you upon membership:
• Membership card
• Be kept abreast of Temple upcoming workshops, events, classes, astrology, herbology, spells, talismans, fairy  plus more.
• And the gift of knowledge that you are helping to support a vital organization of the community!
You will be able to attend 7 of the 8 Sabbats at a discounted rate of a $10 donation to the Temple which DOES NOT INCLUDE Samhain our high Sabbat and a costumed event.

The membership fees are to be paid annually:
For each adult annually $38.00
Families – 2 adults & up to 2 kids under 18 years old, (for more kids please speak to Temple Elders) $55.00

Donate or Help if you can:

You can assist us with expanding many of our current activities which support our growing membership, as well as spread  the message about the Craft to the population at large. This pursuit is extremely important to and for our spiritual growth as a recognized religion.

Our many plans for now and in the future include:
• A building of our own for us to celebrate our Sabbats & Esbats
• Provide and house our Academy of Pagan Studies with workshops and classes about Witchcraft as a Religion, Science & Art.
• Formal programs and services that will aim to meet the social service needs of local and statewide underserved populations, by   creating advocacy and training opportunities.
• Housing search
• Mental Health Counseling

Rev. Starr RavenHawk H.P.s Elder Founder’s Mission
The NYC Wiccan Family Temple, the first federally recognized Temple of Witchcraft in the history of New York City, has many principles that are at the core of its mission:
We focus on the teaching of Witchcraft as a Religion, Science & Art to students from all over the world.
The betterment of this world and the lives of those who reside upon it through the holistic application of the art of Witchcraft.
To actively minister our Priestesses and Priests who guide individuals in the world community seeking to empower and transform themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually.
Carrying the ancient traditions of our ancestors into the far future. Seeking to increase social harmony, reducing existing religious disparities in our local communities and beyond.

Your membership in the NYC Wicca Family Temple provides a way to directly assist in the growth of our Temple. Your membership card and tax deductible receipt will be mailed upon receipt of your money order or U.S. currency check within 4 weeks of application. All personal details will be kept strictly confidential.


Membership Application Form

  • Tell us about you....

  • Payment for membership: Please read payment information carefully and choose the one that is appropriate to you.




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