Services Offered

Services We Offer

The Wiccan Family Temple Congregation is led by an Ordained Clergy. All are fully trained and dedicated practitioners of Traditional Craft of Wicca. They are legally ordained ministers, have the same duties and responsibilities, and enjoy the same rights and privileges under law as any ordained minister of any other faith, denomination or religious body. Our Priestesses and Priests are fully trained, have a demonstrated competency and may or may not be dedicated practitioners of Traditional Craft Wicca. They function as Lay Ministers, provide pastoral presence and perform all duties of the clergy except those prescribed by law to be performed by ordained ministers. Our standards for Ordination are high and must be adhered to for you to be a competent Clergy via our Temple. Obtaining Ordination through the Wiccan Family Temple requires a serious commitment of personal time, energy, love and resources. It is not a commitment to be lightly taken.

Legally Registered Wedding & Handfasting Officiants in New York City’s all five boroughs.

Our Craft Names (as our traditions allow) are:

Rev. Starr RavenHawk HPs Elder & Rev. Luna Rojas HPs Elders are the Founders of the NYC Wiccan Family Temple and WFT Academy Of Pagan Studiies.


Rev. Hectuba Hestia Sr HPs

These are some of the services provided by The NYC Wiccan Family Temple High Priests and Priestesses that are Licensed in the State of New York.

If a service you require is not listed here please do still inquire.

General Ritual Rates

HandPartings $125.00

House Blessings $150.00

Baby Blessings $150.00

Wiccanings $150.00

Rites of Passage $150.00

Croning Ritual $150.00

Funerary Last Rites $150.00

Memorials:  $125.00

Pet Funerals $125.00

Counseling are rated by the hour $50.00 per hour: you will be billed for this separately from our form below.

Officiant of HandFastings & Weddings Fees:

Officiant Only – $650.00

Getting to and from the place of HandFasting/Wedding – We charge or if you can provide transportation (Gas/Taxi).

Ceremonies include: Legal Weddings, Handfastings/ Commitment Ceremonies, HandPartings, Dedications, Croning Rituals, Baby Wiccanings and Namings, Last Rites, and Domestic Pet Funerals.

Teaching at our Wiccan Family Temple Academy of Pagan Studies and all other rituals.

Blessed Be to you All!


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