The Store that supports us

Welcome to,

This store has supported The NYC Wiccan Family Temple since its inception to present in one form or another whether financially or with supplies.  The supplies are not free, they have to be paid for.  Supporting it helps support the Temple and is much appreciated.  It is also how I support myself, as I am not able to be paid a salary for all that I do at the Temple.  The store items are competitively priced and if you do not see an item please ask.

Many items are handmade by myself, Christine Hinkleday or Arlene Fried with our own recipes.  If you are thinking of purchasing any pagan items in a store or online please do consider purchasing from us.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you and many blessings to you all!

Rev. Starr RavenHawk HPs Elder & Christine Hinkelday

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