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Welcome to the NYC Wiccan Family Temple!

Forest   Started by Starr RavenHawk HPs in 2003 and officially Founded in 2007 by Starr RavenHawk HPs Elder & Luna Rojas HPs Elder, NYC Wiccan Family Temple is a 501(c)3 non-profit Nature Based Spirituality temple dedicated to nurturing our spirituality, building community with its many services, and hosting the Esbat & Sabbat celebrations and finally through education at WFT Academy of Pagan Studies. NYC Wiccan Family Temple hosts Esbat and Sabbat gatherings and workshops in New York City, New York, USA.
Our community gathers in person at Full Moons, New Moons, all eight seasonal Sabbats, WitchsFest USA – A Pagan Street Faire, and The Annual Witches Masquerade Halloween Ball.  We also try to attend or stay in touch with as many of the national and international Pagan communities.
We have dedications and Ordain our people as Interfaith Ministers.
We have an active Prison Outreach Program and would like to find a way to help with housing and food needs of the pagan community.
We are presently seeking to rent our own space in New York City as our Temple and as a Pagan Community Center of New York, whereby the Pagan community at large will feel welcomed to have their many events and celebration.
We are also actively seeking to purchase Temple land in Upstate New York or Pennsylvania whereby we can do retreats, camping and a general Pagan Reserve for our Temple and the Pagan Community at large.  We are looking within a 2-3 hour tops driving distance of New York City.


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