Videos of Magickal People

Who are some of the Witches we admire and why? Let’s find their videos….
Drama among Witches? Nahh… Really? 🙂

How does some handle it?

We do not have to look to the outside at other religions or people for hate, we can do that all my ourselves….. Really?

Witch wars? Really? For Real?…

Racism among Witches? Nahh … Really? The enlightened and Oh wisened ones, Really? 🙂

Your thoughts and videos, right here, right now.


Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone lecture.


Witchcraft – Alex Sanders. c 1971, filmed in England.

A Very British Witchcraft (Full): Documentary on Gerald Gardner &


VERY RARE Witchcraft Docoumentary 1979 – Doreen Valiente,Sanders

The Witches (Complete Documentary)

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